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Installing & Repairing Heat Pumps in Kent County, DE

Heat pumps are an excellent option for your home or business. This heating system can be more cost-effective than many types of furnaces while maintaining a pleasant temperature indoors. Our technicians expertly install heat pumps to work dependably from the start so that you can enjoy a consistently comfortable home or business.

heat pumps

Defining a Heat Pump & How It Works

A heat pump can simply be explained as an air conditioner that runs backward to move heat into your house instead of pushing cool air into your rooms. Most heat pump systems are split systems, similar to combining a furnace and an air conditioner. We match your system with a blower coil or air handler and connect it to your ductwork system. While heat pumps work more efficiently in warmer climates, they are effective at keeping you comfortable indoors during Delaware’s winters.

Reasons to Consider a Heat Pump for Your Home

One of the primary benefits of warming your home with a heat pump is how cost-effective they can be when compared to furnaces fueled by propane or oil. Your annual savings are well-worth the switch from propane or oil to a properly installed heat pump. All heat pump systems require a backup, so you do not have to sever ties with your current heat source and fuel. These “reverse air conditioners” also come in a close second to furnaces powered by natural gas.

Trust the Professionals at Air Quality HVAC

Your family deserves a reliable source of heat when the weather gets cold. Air Quality HVAC is ready to help you implement a more cost-effective heat pump system.

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